Keeping kids interested in music

The history proves that music has been an important part of growing up. Music helps develop children’s language skills, develop self- esteem, develop listening skills, help development of the brain, develops math skills, release stress and many other factors involving children. Many parents face the daunting task of keeping kids interested in music. Here are some basic steps that parents can take to keep their children interested in music.

  • Let them have fun. Two-thirds of kids who start learning piano quit. Main reason, they find it more boring and rigid. Let them get goofy while learning.
  • Plan together and set goals. Get the instructor, you and your child work together to set goals and plan lessons and related activities. Modify goals and the plan if needed.
  • Acknowledge and reward achievements. Go for an ice cream after a lesson or a piano recital. Display awards and certificates proudly.
  • Support your child. This should come from parents, teachers and instructors, family and friends too. It can take during the learning time as well as at home.
  • You are the parent and children need your guidance. Explain what’s expected clearly and keep them focused. They need your guidance as well as from the teacher/instructor.