Age Appropriate Toys

Buying toys is no easy task. The choices are endless, and as for the prices, only the sky is the limit. When purchasing toys for your child, it is important that you take into consideration their age. If you have a few children, then look for toys that can be used by children of varied ages. Understanding which toys suit which ages is extremely important and useful, not just for you, but for the child as well.

0-2 months – Rattles and animals made out of soft cloth, music, baby mobiles

2-4 months – Teethers, rattles, shakers, baby gym

4-8 months – Cloth books, ‘push me, pull me’ toys

8-12 months – Blocks (large), board books, musical instruments, pop-up books, soft toys

12-18 months – Music, stuffed animals, balls, moving toys like cars, shopping carts, etc

18 months – 2 years – This stage is when children start using their imagination. They will want to be just like other ‘big people’, but still do not have the proper motor skills to handle small objects. Toys they would love would include puzzles, items to dress up in, crayons, play food

2-3 years – Cars, blocks, train sets, story books, crayons, and coloring books; play food, household play items

3-4 years – Options such as craft kids, story books, board games. At this stage, you will notice an interest towards others, especially their toys. Do not be alarmed if they make conversation with their toys.

4-5 years – Sports equipment, story books, board games, craft kits and building blocks are good for this age. This is a good time to start your child off on a hobby. It could be anything that involves collecting, be it stamps, feathers, sea shells, coins or even socks.

5 years upwards – Story books, board games, activity books, computer games, sports equipment.