Help Your Shy Child Make Friends

If you have a shy child, then you probably know how uncomfortable your child gets amongst a lot of people in social settings such as in school or even the playground. If you were a shy child as well, then it would be easier to relate to them. Shy children lack largely in confidence and are quite unwilling to speak to unknown people and even children of their age. Bringing a shy child out of her shell can be quite a task, but it is important that you make an effort to do so for the sake of your child and their future.

One great idea is to have a forward, outgoing child spend a lot of time with your one. This might hopefully wear off on your child, and might bring her out of her shell. Or else, if you pair your child with another child who is twice as shy, your shy child might try to nurture the other and thus as a result become a bit more outgoing.

Another way to bring your child out of her shell is to get them involved in a lot of activity. These could be anything from sports to playgroups or whatever they take a fancy to. Do not force them into activities they do not like. All you want is for your child to make one or two close friends who will influence her personality positively.

Even at home, encourage your child to speak up and take part in conversations at the dinner table. Make her feel a valuable member of the family and that her opinion counts as well.