How to Get Your Kids to Do Their Chores

Getting your kids to actually do their chores can prove to be quite a task. There will always be constant arguments about whose turn it is, and so on. The first thing you should do is put up the weekly schedule on a board. That way, everyone knows what each one’s chores are and thus, there can be no arguments about it or any such confusion.

Sometimes, doing your own chores can be difficult. But it is important that you carry them out, in order to set an example for your kids. Ensure that every member of your family carries out their chores, and get the older ones to lead by example. Ensure that everyone understands that factors such as work, age and other such schedules will affect the amount of chores designated to each individual.

With children, it is important that you give them ownership of their chores. For instance, if your children wanted a fish bowl, then feeding the fish, cleaning the bowl, changing the water should all be on their list of chores. Give them a sense of responsibility. To create a good example, add one of the ‘fish bowl’ chores to your list, in order to show importance and your recognition of ownership towards their pet.

Rewards are also a good way of getting children to do their chores. While this is not an encouraged practice, it does help. Perhaps you could put up a chart that recognizes their efforts, and award stars or stickers for a job well done. Ensure to keep the chart duly updated and that everyone in the family is on it.

To make chores more fun, liven it up. Play some music while chores are being carried out. For younger kids, even setting a timer can be a good way of instilling that everyone has a fair share of work around the house.