Children and obesity

Recently published Weight of the Nation report states that by 2030, 42 percent of the Americans will be obese. Children are the most vulnerable. There are few things you can do at home to prevent your child ever becoming obese. Two main ingredients in fighting childhood obesity include cooking at home and stocking your house with food you all can cook together.

Get them involved in cooking. Cocking a nutritious and tasty meal at home is the key. Teaching kids to cook from scratch can make big impact on their lives.

Stock your pantry and the refrigerator with food items you need to make a meal at home. Cooking at home helps you and your family to get out of eating junk food. It might even save some money for your family. A recent Rand Corporation study found that 96 percent of food served at fast food chain stores exceeded the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s daily recommended calories, sodium, and fat.

Spending time together while cooking a meal at home has unintended other benefits too. It is an opportunity to start a conversation with your kids and get them out of watching TV. Try these methods to improve the health of our future nation.