Unplug your online child

Today kids spend more and more time on the computer, iPhone, social networks, electronics games, watching TV and on many more devices. Is it too much of a good thing?

Lacking social interaction could lead to social incompetence. Activities and experiences influence the improved brain function. Childs brain grows with day to day interactions. Spending more time at the computer may hinder that development. Parents should limit certain activities and promote balance.

A child with less social skills compared to his or her peers more likely to struggle in school, experience depression, and target for bullying. This situation could push a child back to the computer. It becomes a vicious cycle. Key to break the cycle lies with parents.

The solutions to get kids out of computer and other devices rest with parents and teachers. Parents need to actively promote social interaction of their children. They must help kids to establish healthy social as well as physical habits. Computer and TV time should be equal or less to social interaction time. It is all about balance. Parents can arrange play dates, time at the park, and outside play for their children. They are easy as well as inexpensive.