Communication Tips For Parents

Parents find it very difficult to communicate effectively with their children, which often ends in confusion at both ends. This puts a strain on the relationship and very quickly, the lines of communication close. Many children complain that they cannot talk to their parents without being judged and ridiculed. They will seek out their peers for advice, who often lack the insight in giving them accurate information. Parents will complain that their children will not open up to them and will hide their true feelings. There are more effective ways for parents and children to communication without all of these headaches.

Parents must learn how to listen to their children without being condemnatory and critical. For example, parents will tell their children to come talk to them about anything, but will not listen when it comes to touchy topics, like sex. Parents will often start lecturing and criticizing to their children about how not to do something. This tends to make matters worse. Children who are not able to talk about their needs or pain will express it in other ways. This is seen in children who have behavioral problems. Sometimes children just need their parents to listen and pay attention to them. Parents need to set up a specific time for their family to get together and communicate about what is going on in their daily lives. Family time can be done during dinner or in the morning, while the family is having breakfast. Some parents even converse with their children just before bedtime.