Become A Partner In Your Child’s Learning

The first person they meet, the first person they begin learning from, and the most important person in a child’s life is their parents. Parents teach us how to crawl, make noise, speak, and put sentences together as well as understand this vast world around us. Then we are put in front of someone else to learn the rest of the knowledge of the world. In this day and age, the role of the parent in education is being phased out, and this is the biggest disservice we could do to our children, our future.

As children grow, parents need to help them grow. This idea that has taken hold of the American public that says, Teacher’s are the ones that should be teaching the children, needs to be tossed away. Parents should be partners in their children’s learning, not overlords looking at the grades the children have been given. Parents should go out and help them learn just as the teachers are helping their children learn.

Parents have the opportunity to allow their children to benefit from their experience. This is what children have been doing from day one, why stop now? If they are talking about osmosis and chloroform, go out into the yard or park and show them the real stuff. If they are learning multiplication, start counting the tiles on your floor or ceiling. The opportunities to help your child to learn are abundant. Parents will not regret taking the time to become a partner in their child’s education.