Company wants to change perception of plastic wine bottles

When you think of plastic wine bottles, your first thought might be of some cheap wine that a hobo would have in a train car. But one plastic manufacturer is hoping to change your opinion. EnVino Inc is turning their plastics injection molding talents to the wine industry, making plastic bottles in different sizes and colors.

The wholesale plastic containers can make shipping wine more affordable and environmentally sensible. It can also help extend the freshness of a bottle of wine that has been opened and then resealed – one of the advantages a plastic bottle has over glass.

While you might not see the fine wines of France be shipped in plastic bottles any time soon, many American wine labels are warming up to the idea, having recently embraced screw-caps as a more effective solution than corks. With 70 percent of the world’s wines costing $12 or less and more high quality wines becoming available at affordable prices, you might see a lot more plastics in your wine future.