The Best Way To Deal With Temper Tantrums

A temper tantrum can vary from crying and whining to kicking, screaming and breath holding. They are common in both girls and boys and typically occur between the ages of 1 and 3. Children’s temperaments greatly vary from one child to the next; some experience regular tantrums while others rarely have them at all. They are a normal part of a child’s growth and do not have to be looked at in a negative way. The fact is kids do not have the same ontrol over themselves as adults do.

There are some predictable situations that may cause temper tantrums, such as dinner time, getting dressed, bath time, visitors, eating, car rides, getting on a school bus, etc. When you child has a temper tantrum, he or she has basically lost control. What you must do is make sure you are in firm control. Yelling, spanking or punishing a child for having the tantrum only makes it worse. Giving in to what made the tantrum begin also makes the situation worse.

It is important not to further complicate the temper tantrum with your own frustration; a child will be able to sense it. Instead, try to think clearly through the situation, take deep breaths and help the child work through the tantrum. You need to have self-control for the both of you. First, try to find out what is going on exactly. Each tantrum should be handled differently based on the cause, try to understand how the child is feeling.