How to Create a Playroom

If you have an extra room in your house, maybe you should consider turning it into a playroom for your kids. It is a perfect gift to give them, and will also give them their own ‘space’. Here is another fun idea, so why not put it together yourself? Here are some pointers:

Playroom theme
Choosing your child’s favorite cartoon as a theme is always a popular choice – and this could mean a pink room for a Barbie lover or even a bright yellow Sponge Bob room. Keep in mind though, that your children’s taste is bound to change quite frequently, so choose wisely, or simply opt for a neutral color on the wall. This is a better choice, especially if the room is going to be shared by two or more children.

Personalize the room with pillows, posters, rugs and other knickknacks that go with your child’s favorite cartoon characters or whatever they like, be it airplanes or balloons. You can do the walls up with their paintings, hang up a few photographs – do whatever you like.

Keep it absolutely simple. Playrooms for children do not need anything ornate or decorative. Just make sure there is a bookshelf that your child can reach as well as a table and chair for them. A bean bag or a nice big rug will make up their play space on the floor.

Choose toys and other things that your child is interested in, not what interests you. Here are a few things that could be considered essential:

-A box of old, funky clothes to play ‘dress up’
-Board games
-Art supplies such as crayons, paint, paper, glue, etc.