Potty Training Tips and Tricks

Potty training a child can be frustrating. Patience with your child is of absolute importance. Do not even attempt to force your child to use the potty, as it will only push your child to refuse to do so. Once your child gets the idea of using the bathroom, and if he does not make it in time, do not make a big deal out of it. Instead, help him clean up and hope for the best the next time around. Another important factor to keep in mind is to ensure that your child is dressed in clothes that are easy for them to remove – so they do not soil themselves in the process.
Here are a few tips and tricks that you could try:

-Use a soft toy or doll and demonstrate how potty training works. Explain how he needs to sit on the potty, etc. Praise the doll on doing everything right; which in turn will make your child want to do it right as well. It might take a few times until your child gets it right – be patient!

-The potty you use for your child should fit just right. Make sure it is not too big or small for him, because you want your child to be comfortable.

-Make a potty chart and award a star for every time your child goes to the potty in the toilet. Work out your own rewards system. Perhaps, you can buy him a big present like a tricycle, a pet fish or anything once he reaches 100 stars.

-Getting your son to ‘do it the way daddy does’ can be difficult. Try turning it into a game of sorts. A few Cheerios in the potty and get him to aim when he pees. Reward him every time he gets it right.