Sensory development of babies

We, parents, want our babies grow fast. Do you know that too much of stimulation for babies could harm their development? Babies could suffer from sensory overload coming from what they, see, hear and feel. According to some published data, sensory overload is one reason why they cry. Some say sensory overload during early stages of their growth may lead them to develop stress which could haunt them for rest of their lives. So, be careful and don’t push your baby to grow up too soon.

Studies show that introduction of water play at an early stage of a child’s life can improve attraction and composition. Water play can help a child in many ways. Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for children in many parts of the world. Learn to play in water gives them not only lifesaving skills but also helps to develop sensory and other skills too. Learning to swim with their parents promotes the bonding between the child and parents at an early stage and last a lifetime. This is especially true for dads who get limited time to spend with their young children. So, help your baby to grow without stress and learn some skills on the way.