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The Best Way To Deal With Temper Tantrums

A temper tantrum can vary from crying and whining to kicking, screaming and breath holding. They are common in both girls and boys and typically occur between the ages of 1 and 3. Children’s temperaments greatly vary from one child to the next; some experience regular tantrums while others rarely have them at all. They […]

Company wants to change perception of plastic wine bottles

When you think of plastic wine bottles, your first thought might be of some cheap wine that a hobo would have in a train car. But one plastic manufacturer is hoping to change your opinion. EnVino Inc is turning their plastics injection molding talents to the wine industry, making plastic bottles in different sizes and […]

Become A Partner In Your Child’s Learning

The first person they meet, the first person they begin learning from, and the most important person in a child’s life is their parents. Parents teach us how to crawl, make noise, speak, and put sentences together as well as understand this vast world around us. Then we are put in front of someone else […]

Communication Tips For Parents

Parents find it very difficult to communicate effectively with their children, which often ends in confusion at both ends. This puts a strain on the relationship and very quickly, the lines of communication close. Many children complain that they cannot talk to their parents without being judged and ridiculed. They will seek out their peers […]

Team Building For Kids

Teambuilding for kids is a fascinating concept used to promote youth leadership, trust, bonding, and responsibility. Depending on the age of the children activities can be entertaining and fun. Keep in mind the children’s’ maturation, rationale, and the outcome for each activity. If you tailor your teambuilding activities specifically to your audience you will get […]