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Party Behaviour: How to Help Your Child Become a Little Lady or Gentleman

At parties, children get so caught up in the moment and excitement that they tend to forget all the manners they’ve learnt, even to the point of embarrassment for you as the parent. Here are the four P’s to consider, in order to achieving model behaviour from your child: Prepare: When invited to a party, […]

Smart Whitening

Whether you plan on getting laser teeth whitening or you’re more interesting in the traditional methods of bleaching, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Not everyone will obtain the same results, and not everyone will necessarily be able to get the outcome they want. – Your cosmetic dentist won’t be able to make […]

Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids

Children are always hungry and thus appreciative of any snack that comes their way. The tastier and more fun the snack is, the more popular it becomes. However, do not resort to store bought or commercial snacks, which tend to be low in nutrition and unhealthy for your child. Here are some snack ideas: – […]

Kids Goals – How Kids Goal Setting Can Start at a Young Age

A valuable lesson for kids of all ages is learning how to set reasonable goals that can be attained. With preschoolers, they can set simple goals with adults, and these can be drawn instead of written. It is important that kids set goals periodically throughout the year, and checked on its progress. They should also […]

Digital Cameras for Kids

Kids love taking pictures, and a kiddie digital camera is a great idea for a gift. It is a great way to save pictures taken by your children and you can email their pictures to friends and family, and even post them up on a website. A kids’ digital camera is fantastic because you do […]

How to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Invitations Innovative and Fun

Kids’ birthday invitations must be innovative and fun. The place to look for inspiration is online. You can easily delve into a wide range of ideas, designs, colors and fun themes. Some websites even let you design invitations online, which you can subsequently get printed, or the option of ordering pre-made cards is also available. […]