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Kid created nightmare for parents

A student loan can ruin a kid’s relationship with his or her parents. Whether it is private or public, college education is not cheap and many students get student loans and parents co-sign for loans. Some do discuss the student loan payment responsibilities with their kids and others presume that loans will be paid back […]

How to Buy Bedding for Boys

Written by: BeddingStyle Summary: Choosing bedding for boys presents a different kind of challenge than choosing bedding for girls. Shopping for boys can be either very easy, or almost too difficult. Boys and young men are almost notorious for providing little information on what they actually want. It can be even more difficult when it […]

Planning for college education

Navigating the complex college admission needs preparation and execution. The process will require lots of research, visiting prospective colleges and looking into financials such as scholarships and student loans. College counselors can help to alleviate some of the stress for both students and parents brought in by the tedious process. Counselors can be their high […]

Sensory development of babies

We, parents, want our babies grow fast. Do you know that too much of stimulation for babies could harm their development? Babies could suffer from sensory overload coming from what they, see, hear and feel. According to some published data, sensory overload is one reason why they cry. Some say sensory overload during early stages […]

Money basics for college bound kids

Soon a new college year will start and many are expected to start college for the first time. Many parents struggle to help kids get through college yet many graduates with lots of college debt. Here is some advice for college bound kids. If you don’t need, don’t get a credit card: Credit cards are […]

Dealing with toddlers

We parents experienced or heard about “terrible twos.” Each experience with their toddler is different. People who experienced it have different advice. Understanding basics of toddler behavior may help to deal with it. Here’s some we heard: Understanding toddler behavior is important in dealing with “terrible twos.” At this stage of their growing up, they […]

Cheap Kid-Friendly Activities for Summer

Written by Gelato Products Summer is just around the corner, which means your kids will be home on summer break and searching for something fun to do. Sure, you can take them to an amusement park or plan a family vacation, but you don’t have to spend a fortune just to have a good time. […]

Protecting your children from water hazards

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of five in sunshine state of California. Now that we are approaching summer, parents all over the U.S. should take time to educate themselves and their children on how to prevent accidental drowning. Here are few ideas to help you: Never leave […]

Practice triple teaching with kids

Kids learn by seeing, hearing and doing. Many kid friendly programs use this basic principal and have developed programs to help kids. This multifaceted approach makes a significant lasting change in kids. Kids especially in kindergarten and similar age have an unquenchable appetite for learning. They learn by watching others, listening and trying out everything […]

Plastic Boxes and 6 Other Tips for Protecting Collectible Toys

How one collects toys seems to differ from person to person. Some people argue a toy is meant to be played with, and so will go to great lengths to arrange elaborate poses and set designs for toys that change regularly. Others prefer to simply collect, admiring the packaging that adorned the toys the day […]